Cancels policy

Hotel Cabello *

Nº de registro H-MA 00865 Cancelations       SECTION  A).-Reservations from one to three rooms. – As a generak rule, there is no charge if cancelled 15 days before check in date.  In the case of giving a deposit, the money will be refunded to your deposit, discounting bank’s fee.  In the case of  No Show, the  deposit will be non refundable. If cancelled within the 14 day period before to arrival date, the deposit will be non refundable.  Exceptionally ( for example  the bankruptcy of a TTOO) the hotel can include these type of reserves in the section B).  Also the early-booked reservations can be included in the section B.      SECTION B).- In the case of more than three rooms, the hotel will apply conditions discussed beforehand. In the case of complaint, take it to